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reverse telephone searchHi and welcome to my site!

My name is Rich and I developed this site to help a few people after I discovered the value of a reverse lookup search.

Some people think I am a little crazy for sharing such a personal story but I really value what happened and if that means I can help a few people that I am willing to tell all.

Around 10 months ago I found some suspicious numbers on my telephone bill that I share with my girlfriend. I know it was wrong but I also checked her cellphone and discovered the same numbers. Obviously alarm bells began to ring and I had some really suspicious thoughts that troubled me day and night.

  • I really needed to know who owned this particular telephone.

I had heard of the few websites and services that would help you identify a phone number, so I began my research on the Internet. I looked at a few and found one called Reverse Phone Detective. All you had to do was type in the phone number and within seconds the owner, address and other information pops up on the screen.

  • So I went ahead and did it. Boy was I shocked….

Turned out to be her granddad! Thankfully all my suspicions were put to rest and I felt really lucky to know there was nothing underhand going on with these strange numbers.

Maybe you are in a similar position and you need to know who owns a particular phone number. This is where they reverse directory phone numbers search could really help you out. It certainly saves you a lot of time and worrying because you can learn the truth within a few minutes from now.

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